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262. Of year 2017, July 31, at 19 hours 12 min, My honourable colleague: Mr Richard Martin (globaloaninvestment3@gmail.com) writes :
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258. Of year 2017, July 28, at 23 hours 55 min, My honourable colleague: RECHARD MORGAN (PREMIUMSLOANFIRM@GMAIL.COM) from SPORTING , writes :
Sie benötigen ein Darlehen, ein Unternehmen zu gründen oder Ihre Rechnungen zu bezahlen? Wir geben Darlehen Zinssatz bei 2%, bei Interesse bitte senden Sie uns Ihre, Namens-, benötigte Menge, Dauer, Telefonnummer , Adresse, Land und E-Mail Monatliches Einkommen sollten alle vorwärts Via E-Mail an diese E-Mail premiumsloanfirm@gmail.com oder Kontakt unsere Tel: Telefonnummer +1 985-200-3060
257. Of year 2017, July 26, at 16 hours 26 min, My honourable colleague: Harvey Lee (Brianloancompany@yahoo.com) from USA , writes :
Chester Brian Loan Company.....(Brianloancompany@yahoo.com) Hello All, I was really so downcast after losing so much and facing financial difficulties, no one to help me and all i could do was to just seat and watch my business going down and almost losing my son to an illness. But never the less i meet an old college mate who told me about the loan he got from Chester Brian Loan Company and until now the company have assisted so many of his friends seeking a loan. So i told him that getting a loan any more is not my style because of the disappointment from my bank and other loan company i trusted but he insisted i apply for it and now i can now boost of restoring my company back to its full glory. i will keep on testifying on behalf of Chester Brain Loan because they have made me to be a man again. So if interested in acquiring a loan of any kind email them today via: {Brianloancompany@yahoo.com} OR text +1(803) 373-2162.Am Harvey Lee from United States of America.
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