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163. Of year 2014, November 3, at 07 hours 33 min, My honourable colleague: Стародубцев Владимир (star100100@mail.ru) from Kazakhstan , writes :
Уважаемые друзья, коллеги! Примите наши соболезнования по безвременно ушедшего нашего друга Миненко Виктора Аркадьевича. Царствие ему небесное и вечная память. Скорбим вместе с вами. От имени федерации стрельбы из лука Казахстана Владимир Стародубцев, генеральный секретарь.
162. Of year 2010, May 31, at 22 hours 52 min, My honourable colleague: Bartosz Mikos (bart_mikos@hotmail.com) from Warsaw/Poland , writes :
Hello, My name is Bartek.First for all I would like to introduce myself and tell You a few things about myself. I was shooting for my country for so many years etc. To be honest with You I was coached by the best Ukrainian coach ever!!! My request is that I would like to ask you for Her contact details, her name is Monika Simonus. Why I am asking, because I would like to visit her or maybe invite her to Poland. Please just tell her that Bartek Mikos is looking for her. Kind regards Bartosz Mikos Chroscickiego 83/42 02-414 Warsaw Poland tel. 0048691699646
161. Of year 2010, February 19, at 13 hours 51 min, My honourable colleague: Milan Gojkovic (milan@yu1.net) from Serbia , Which lives is virtual on http://www.cacak.org writes :
Dear friends, archery, We live in a small and beautiful city of Cacak in Serbia. ( http://www.cacak.org.rs/Discover_Cacak-188-4 ) We have, Archery Club CACAK but we have a little problem. In Serbia there are no shops Archery equipment. If you can we please help at least ONE recurve bow (used) In our club will always stand in the name of your company. If you can not help, you will always be dear to the guests of our club. Thanks in advance
160. Of year 2009, September 17, at 00 hours 34 min, My honourable colleague: Martin Brunstedt Christensen (mbc@mail1.stofanet.dk) from Næstved Danmark , writes :
Hey Liva I shoot in Næstved Bueskyttelaug I would have liked to kontkt to clubs in Kiev and Kharkov To start with I things. if we could visit you and just visit us I would like to visit the club in Kharkov Sincerely, Martin B, Christensen
159. Of year 2009, April 9, at 13 hours 36 min, My honourable colleague: Wendy (wendym@rdiguide.com) writes :
Best wishes to all Archers from the Ukraine!
158. Of year 2009, February 4, at 21 hours 11 min, My honourable colleague: Валентин (valen-sido@yandex.ru) from Москва, Россия , Which lives is virtual on http://www.vipkatedg.ru/ writes :
Для хорошего отдыха в Подмосковье http://www.vipkatedg.ru/ предлагаем Вам двухэтажный кирпичный коттедж площадью 320 кв.м. Арендовать коттедж можно на сутки, выходные и праздничные дни, а также на любой другой срок. В коттедже: 11 спален, каминный зал 60 кв.м., газовое отопление, 3 санузла, баня, полностью оборудован бытовой техникой, бильярд. Коттедж расположен в тихом живописном месте рядом с лесом. Желаем Вам отлично провести время!
157. Of year 2008, August 16, at 11 hours 20 min, My honourable colleague: Lana & Simon Needham (simonsneedham@hotmail.com) from Great Britain , writes :
Oru warmest CONGRATULATIONS to VICTOR RUBAN and Ucranian Archery with the GOLD medal in Beijing! Well done, Victor! Kind regards, Lana & Simon
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