Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture (L.S.I.P.C)

- one of leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine and former USSR in physical culture and sports.
It was created in June, 1946 on the basis of a training college of physical education.
     Many leading scientists, athletes and coaches comprehended professional knowledge in this Alma Mater. Among the most famous professors, we can recollect the following:
V. Zatsiorsky, V. Zaporozhanov, A. Ter-Ovanesjan, V. Keler, M. Dzhafarorov,
which laid the foundation of scientific knowledge of the sports biomechanic, sports pedagogic and psychology, sports preparation and training. These scientists - pride of leading universities and institutes of the World in the field of preservation of health and sports training.

Viktor Chukarin, Pavlo Lednev, Igor Ter-Ovanesjan, Valery Brumel', Viktor Sidoruk, Ljudmila Arzhannikova
and others became the Olympic champions and World Champions during study in institute.

 Now institute prepares the experts in three branches:
physical education,
Olympic and professional sports,
physical rehabilitation.

In institute there are three faculties and 20 theoretical and practical departments

     The leading place is kept by department of the theory and technique of shooting, modern pentathlon and chess among other practical departments. On department 9 scientific experts work which provide theoretical and practical preparation of the future specialists in shooting kinds of sports, modern pentathlon and chess.
    35 years the specialization of an archery works productively in institute. It was formed in a 1964 on the basis of evening courses (which function from 1960 till 1965) for the coaches wished to be trained to beginnings of this kind of sports. Among the graduates of these courses there was Merit-Coach (M.C.) of former USSR - Aleksandr Nikolaev also. Now he heads a National team of Ukraine. The lessons of these courses were conducted Mikola Kalinichenko, Roman Trush, Georgy Gordienko. Soon Mikola Kalinichenko has become the first chief of department.

 Now specialization is headed by Bogdan Vinogradsky. He is the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Ń.P.S.), Master of Sports (M.S.) * in an archery. He is helped by the teacher - Vasil' Tkachik also M.S. in an archery. On four years of study in institute 30 students-archers from different regions of Ukraine are trained (permanently and correspondence).

Vladimir Esheev (World Champion -87 (WCh), European Champion -82 (EuCh), Prize-winner of Olympic Games - 88, President of Russian Archery Federation, Consul of FITA),
Ljudmila Arzhannikova (WCh -85, EuCh - 88), Jaroslav Gusak (Indoor EuCh -81),
Tetjana Muntjan (Indoor WCh -95 & 97),
Aleksandr Aulov (Prize-winner of EuCh -78),
Lesja Bushchak (EuCh -78),
Oleg Soroka (ex-Worldrecord-holder),
Kostjantin Shkol'nyj ( ex-Worldrecord-holder),
Natalja Biluha (Indoor WCh -95 ),
Nadija Lonska (prize-winner of WCh -71),
Lesja Shah (ex-Worldrecord-holder) and others were the students of specialization for years of its functioning.

    In the lists of the different years students you can find the known coaches and experts in archery, which work or worked in different parts of planet:
Viktor Prjahin (Tadjikistan, Belorus') - was trained Zebiniso Rustamova - WCh -75, Olympic Games-76 (OG) prize-winner;
Viktor Sidoruk (Ukraine, Spain) man's team - Champion of OG -92, (Italy) man's team - prize-winner of OG -96;
Viktor Minenko (Ukraine, Philippines, Cyprus, Poland);
Igor and Inessa Orlik (Ukraine, Moldova, USA) trained Natalja Valeeva - WCh -95, outdoors & indoors WCh -99, prize-winner of OG -92;
Sergy Bolutenko (Ukraine, Belorus', Canada);
Anatoly Egorov (Ukraine, Poland was trained Tetjana Muntjan - Indoor WCh -95, 97; Lina Gerasimenko - Pavchuk - Indoor WCh -95, EuCh - 98, World and OG record-holder;
Myhajlo Puzjak (Ukraine, Belorus', Poland - was trained Boris Isachenko - prize-winner of OG - 80;);
Vadym Reznikov (Ukraine, was trained Ljudmila Arzhannikova - repeated WCh and EuCh);
Oleg Duply (Ukraine, Belorus', Cuba, Israel);
Myhajlo Huskivadze (Ukraine, was trained Valentina Kovpan - prize-winner of OG -76, WCh -73, 75, EuCh -76; Igor Prokopiv - EuCh -82; invalids team - prize-winner of EuCh -97, EuCh -99, Olena Struk - Indoor EuCh -99 for disabled,
Tetjana Bajdychenko (Ukraine, Russia - president of Moscow Archery Federation, editor of the journal "Archery in Russia "),
Ljubov Jus'ko (Ukraine, China) and many others.

We want to allocate among scientific achievement of specialization the following:
  • Preparation and defence of dissertation in sports pedagogics by Mykola Kalinichenko (L'viv), by Bogdan Struk (Odessa), by Lilija Desjatnikova (Germany), by Tetjana Bajdychenko (Moscow), by Aleksandr Kalinichenko (L'viv), by Igor Zanevsky (L'viv), by Bogdan Vinogradsky (L'viv);
  • Organization of seminars;
  • Realization of coaches and judical seminars;
  • Realization of refresher course;
  • Publication of hundreds articles, methodical recommendations.

    Among main directions of scientific researches we can allocate:

    • Study of mathematical methods of modeling of bowshot;
    • Development of variants of technical perfection of the archers;
    • Perfection of medical and biological maintenance of preparation of the archers;
    • Application of tool methods of researches in archery;
    • Research of archery history as cultural phenomenon.
  • ** M.C. - Merit-Coach. Honorary sports title awarded to the coach which has merits in sports and which pupils have reached significant successes in competitions.
    M.S. - The Master of Sports. Honorary sports title awarded for achievement of high results in competitions. It was based in former Soviet Union and is used in Ukraine and other countries now.



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