e-mail:   dnisterm@icmp.Lviv.ua

  Dear Sirs,  
    Our company occupies a steady position in the market of Western region of Ukraine and during five years works in sphere of processing of a breakage and waste of non-ferrous metals, manufacture of aluminium alloys, castings from non-ferrous metals, steels (including heat resisting) and pig-iron (including high-strength).
Our corporation posesses two foundry, auto repair and mechanical factories.
    Production manufactured at these enterprises has won the place, both in the Ukrainian market, and in the European countries.
We are interested in searching the new associates, increase of outputs and diversification, at the expense of arranging the new orders on our factories. Due to productive capacities and our equipment, we can guarantee both quality, and timeliness of execution of the obligations.

Now on factories of our society are made:

  • Hardware (screws, stud-bolt, nuts, bolts, self-rifles);
  • Auto spare parts;
  • Garage tools (auto lifts, car wash for lorries and cars, band-saw headrigs);
  • The different non-standard equipment;
  • We render service on repair and re-equipment of lorries;
  • Shaped moulding by a mass up to eight tons;
  • Cast alloys: aluminium (silumins) and copper (brass, bronze).
  We are interested in the conclusion of the long-term contracts on delivery of manufactured now production, creation on the basis of our factories of joint Ventures for new techniques introduction.
  With the best regards
Igor Chernjavsky
The sales manager

290035, Ukraine, Lviv, Zelena str. 111\201

tel. (0322) 425-044
tel.\fax (0322) 425-041


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