Archery Organizations

Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc (FITA)
Here you can find a lot of useful information for yourselves.
Results of all World championships, decisions of Congresses of a FITA, Constitution and rules of a FITA with all changes and additions, and also it is a lot of another.
Works on all 100 percents!
Though sometimes becomes transfixed, is especial during realization of official championships.

European and Mediterranean Archery Union (EMAU)
There is an information about all largest European competitions (calendar and results), reports about all decisions of council of a EMAU, links to the national federations - members of a EMAU and a lot of another... Works on 100 %.
But not profound yet (concerning the information).
Language: English.

Deutsche Schuetzenbund (DSB)
Archery Division
The first Web-site on which seriously also is qualified, and main operatively, began to be issued results
of all Grand Prix of Europe
and all official competitions, is especial what will be spent in Germany.
Works on all 100 percents!

Language: German

Polski Zwianzek Luczniczy (PZL)
Our neighbours and colleague. It is always interesting to glance on neighbour's "courtyard",
" What there at the neighbour is done? "

Now it to make very easily!
The home page develops.

Language: Polish

Archery Federation of Slovenia
They submit interesting innovations. For example, realization of competition through the Internet.
The structure of their site was an example for organization of our page.
Works on 100 %.
The site for 2 years could change the guise, and it is already interesting.

Language: Slovenian

National Archery Association of USA (NAA)
There is a lot of interesting information, concerning the programs of the American federation, results and calendars of events, photogallery and a lot interesting... as the Americans were long time the trendsetters of an archery fashion. Works on 100 %.

Language: English.

Grand National Archery Society (GNAS)
One of the trendsetters of an archery fashion. In the country (UK) pay great attention to development of historical archery clubs, the traditions are kept. Amazes the list of clubs, which is present on a site...
Results of competitions, the section of news operatively is updated.
Works on 100 %.
Recently has changed the own image, and it testifies to attention to development of a Web-site.
Language: English.
*To all:   "Who will find something new and interesting, inform me!   Let others too learn.".

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