The Líviv Archery Federation
The Líviv state institute of physical culture
Department of the theory and technique of shooting, modern pentathlon and chess

Report of information
Dear colleague!
September 18-20, 2000 in city Líviv on the eve of traditional international archery tournament a "Gold Autumn -2000 ", per days when in Sydney will be XXVII Olympic, the first international seminar is held

" Status and prospects of development of an archery on confine of millenaries ".
    This event is held one year prior to celebrating 70-th anniversary of creation in Líviv (September 1931) International Archery Federation (FITA) and realisations of 1-st World archery championship.

 Working languages of a conference are: Ukrainian, English, Russian and Polish.
   The keynotes of a conference:   - Archery as a historical, philosophical and cultural phenomenon.
- Technical, tactical, psychological aspects of preparation of the archers.
- Material and technical maintenance in an archery.
- Medical - biological providing of preparation of the archers.
- Modelling in archery.
The materials of a conference will be printed in the collection to the beginning of a conference. We ask to submit materials till September 5, 2000. The given materials should include a copy of the printed text, electronic variant on a 3,5" 2HD diskette, brief information on the author (authors) and remittance in the sum 10 USD - as a payment for the edition of article in the collection.
   A remittance and materials we ask to send to Mr. Vinohradsky Bohdan A. on the address: Kopernik street, 11 / 4, Líviv 79000, Ukraine.
  Typescript requirements:
Establishment (organisation), city, country

  Quantity of the information: 4-6 pages by a format ņ-4. A font - Times New Roman, 12pt, line spacing - 1,5 in a format MS WORD 6.0-8.0 for Windows. Margins from different directions of text - 20 mm. An indent of the first line of the paragraph -15 mm. The size of a font interval - usual. Figures black-and-white also are numbered. The name under figure. The tables are numbered. The name above the table. The reference to the literature in square brackets []. The list of the literature at the end of article.

  Accommodation and food - for one day 10 USD and more. At your desire we can send more detailed conditions of accommodation and food in Líviv.

  Organizing committee of a conference: Vinohradsky Bohdan, Mykhaylenko Viktor, Kiselevich Anatoliy, Kalynichenko Oleksandr, Vatseba Oksana.  
  The address of organizing committee: Department of the theory and technique of shooting, modern pentathlon and chess (L.St.I.Ph.C), Kostjushko str. 11, Líviv 79000, Ukraine.  
Fax: (380-322) 729072; Tel: (380-322) 645523; (380-322) 222384.

E-mail: Vinohradsky B..; Mykhaylenko V.

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