Archery in Ukraine
    If you, having wandered on a site, become interested in our kind of sports and just now are ready to run on training, and feel, that you are "the same" Robin Hood by birth, the hero - champion, who waits the sport world.
  Probably, you have desire, which for a long time has ripened, to change style of your life, to destroy its fixed up, and consequently the bothered rhythm, to find the new friends and to be closer to sports.
  Perhaps, at one time, you trained in archery, but, because of study or change of the place of residence (the destiny has thrown you in Ukraine), have ceased your trainings. But now archery comes back to you in dreams and attracts, attracts to itself. And having woken up in the morning, you so much want to make waking shot to satisfy thirst of the uncompleted shot, which has not committed in the dream. But, where can be did it?

  In all these cases, you had not enough only one - information where to go and to whom to address.
  We are giving to you this possibility now. Think again, and call right now!
  Yours faithfully Viktor Mykhaylenko  

  Cherkasy Kalinichenko Natalia coach ph.:(047-2) 65 51 79  
  Chernivtsy Yegorov Anatoliy coach ph.:(037-22) 2 71 62  
  Donetsk Kuzhel' Liudmila coach ph.:(062-2) 93 94 93  
  Kharkiv Ksenofontov Oleksandr coach ph.:(057-2) 32 58 18  
  Serdiuk Valeriy coach ph.:(057-2) 44 00 81  
  Kyiv Grischenko Lileya coach ph.: (044) 455 07 83  
  D'yakova Oksana coach ph.: (044) 457 14 23  
  L'viv For Lviv additional information will be available soon      
  Nova Kahovka,
Kherson region
Reznikov Vadym coach ph.:(055-49) 2 14 22  
  Odesa Kivaylo Alla coach ph.:(048-2) 65 76 09  
  Bielykh Yulia coach ph.:(048) 733 97 88  
Lugansk region
Gnennyy Vitaliy coach ph.:(064-53) 7 87 23  
  Sumy Garkusha Volodymyr coach ph.:(054-2) 36 56 74  
  Vinnitsa Fil' Mykhaylo coach ph.:(043-2) 26 90 92  
AR Crimea
Zbykovs'ka Galyna coach ph.:(065) 6 27 15  

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