Traditional international
"FITA Star" archery tournament

"Zolota osin' - 2013"
" Gold autumn - 2013"


Dear friends!

The Lviv Archery Federation and Ukrainian Archery Federation invites you
to take part in a traditional international target archery tournament -
" Zolota osin' ".

This Year we're devoting our tournament to the 50-th anniversary of our tournament "Zolota Osin'"

  "From FITA to World Archery"
  Invitation package ZolotaOsin' <--- Click to download>
  The tournament is carried out annually since a 1964. It's already 50-th tournaments.
In this year, we have again chosen the first half of September for our competitions. Last year, in the same terms, weather has presented to all participants perfect days and we hope for good weather during our competitions.
Always among the participants of tournament we have the top archers of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, who shoot the high results.

The 253 archers from 6 countries participated in competitions of the last year:


Great Britain

  In 2012, for the first time, we play for a title "Knight of a city of the Lion", shooting the individual and team finals in downtown area!

The winners of our competitions in 2012 were:
Among the Recurve Women and Men:  
Berezhna Tetiana - Kharkiv, (Ukraine) - 174 place on
2012 FITA World Ranking List;
Ruban Viktor - Kharkiv, (Ukraine)  - 14 place on
2012 FITA World Ranking List;

Among the Recurve Cadet Women and Men:
Gnyp Solomiya

- Lviv (Ukraine);
Kutsyy Valentine - Sumy (Ukraine);

Among the Compound Archers:
Diakova Viktoria

- Kharkiv, (Ukraine);
Lvovskyy Dmytro
- Kyiv (Ukraine);

Among the participants of last year tournament were also:
Hrachov Dmytro - 5 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List Lviv, UKR
Havelko Yuriy - 99 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List Lviv, UKR
Serdyuk Oleksandr - 161 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List Kharkiv, UKR
Ivanytskyy Heorhiy - 192 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List Lviv, UKR
Mokrynskyy Yaroslav - 491 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List Lviv, UKR
Sichenikova Lidia - 51place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List Chernivtsy, UKR
Mylchenko Nina - 80 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List; Kharkiv, UKR
Pavlova Anastasia - 125 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List; N. Kahovka, UKR
Palekha Kateryna - 133 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List; Lviv, UKR
Yavorska Kateryna - 138 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List; Lviv, UKR
Li Elena - 213 place on 2012 FITA World Ranking List; Kazakhstan

Have courage to compete with the participants of our tournament, and you will feel a pressure
of true sports struggle, keen competitiveness together with a friendly atmosphere of our competitions.

This year all archers in compound division will shoot FITA-1 separately among men and women.
This year, already 15-th time, we shall carry out cadet competitions
(archers of 1996 of birth and younger).

At leisure we offer interesting excursions in old Lviv. In our city we have what to look and where to spend the leisure hours.
The organizers guarantee a hospitality, expansion of a circle of your acquaintances,
updating both intellectual and emotional impressions and sports experience.

Welcome on tournament "Zolota osin' - 2013"!

The schedule of competition:

September 08,
- Arrival. Accreditation. Training.
September 09,
- Arrival. Official Training.
September 10,
- Qualification (FITA - Round), long distances.
September 11,
- Qualification (FITA - Round), short distances.
September 12,
- FITA Olympic Round. Eliminations.
(64 athlets).
September 13,
- Team Competitions - Team Olympic Round.
September 14,

- FITA Olympic Round (Finals). Individuals & Teams
Departure of teams.

Additional information

Entrance fee:

Individual - 175 UAH (~ 15 Euro).
Accommodation: Hotel "Sonata" - cost of one bed in a double room - from 25 Euro (b&b).

(We are not limited to one hotel, therefore depending on your desire, it is possible both cheaper and more expensive accommodation).



+380 322 63 23 00

- Organizing Committee


+380 97 436 53 76

- Oleksandr Kalynichenko
(President of Lviv Archery Federation).


+380 63 857 83 72

- Viktor Mykhaylenko
(Head Judge & Organizing Committee).


+380 32 238-48-97

- Vlad Novakovskyy
(Organizing Committee).


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