[Back]   Mr. Alexander Kalinichenko - President of the Lviv Archery Federation as the expert of FITA in January 13 - 20, 2002 has carried out a Coaching course for the archery coaches in Teheran - capital of the Islamic Republic IRAN. After returning from Teheran we have asked our president to inform impressions about trip and to answer some questions.  
    Question: " Mr. Kalinichenko, please tell who is the initiator of realization of similar Coaching courses in which you took part and how practically they are organized? "

  Mr. KALINICHENKO: " International Olympic committee (IOC), besides that organizes Olympic Games, assists in development of different sports around of the world. Particularly it is carried out through division, which carries the name "Olympic solidarity". This division through the representatives of the international federations of Olympic sports determines best for today of the theorists and experts in various kinds of sports and addresses to them with the request to render the voluntary help in development of Olympic sports in the country, which has expressed desire to make it. I shall not hide it was pleasant for me to find out that the FITA, recommended me for "Olympic solidarity" as the expert. As I have understood, this honorable rank to me was given on set of my scientific - methodical articles which I publish in specialized magazines in such countries as England, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, and also on my experience of realization of Coaching courses for the archery coaches in Poland, Czech and in Ukraine. An EXPERT rank besides the duties, gave to me yet and certain rights. After ending a Coaching course I had the right to give out to the most advanced students the international certificate - "THE ARCHERY COACH".
[Top] [Back]  Question: " Mr. Kalinichenko, as though you have estimated a development's level of archery in the Islamic Republic Iran for today and what prospects of ours kind of sports in this country? "

  Mr. KALINICHENKO: "In Iran there is as though two divisions of Olympic archery. One division is archery for the invalids (Paralympic), and another is a classical Olympic archery with recurve bow. I shall remind, in Iran, as in the country survived not so for a long time tragedy of war there is a plenty of the beautiful young people becoming the invalids. Many from these people actively have engaged in various sports and archery including. Archery among the invalids rather popular in Iran. Total engaged about two hundred. They have already sufficient experience of participation in the international competitions and on Paralympic games in Sydney their team has occupied the tenth place, which already in itself speaks about the certain progress. The fact was interesting, what exactly archers of Iran show the large sympathy to the archers-invalids from Lviv and in the proof it they brought to me joint photos of their meetings on the international competitions and transferred greetings, naming Ukrainian archers on names. The rather skilled and professionally prepared coach Romio supervises over preparation of the archers-invalids. I think, that the progress of his pupil will be and in the future to proceed successfully. With archery for the healthy peoples a little bit more difficultly. It is in a stage of the initial development. Now with the national team of Iran the coach from Tajikistan - Salimov works. By the way, he is follower " of classical Lviv's school of archery ", as his first coach was former Lviv's, pupil of my father - Viktor Pryakhin. Pryakhin there are a lot of years successfully has worked in Dushanbe and has created excellent constellation known archers - Rustamova, Panzhin, A.Kirillov, and Salimov. Already it is possible to see positive consequences of work of his follower Salimov. Some his pupils in Iran already shoot results at a level of 1200 points. If such tendency will proceed and further, in two - three years it is possible to expect occurrence of the sportsmen capable to struggle for prize-winning places on the international competitions. And that in Iran now is really given the large attention at a state level in development of sports I was convinced itself, during stay there. "
[Top] [Back]   Question: " Mr. Kalinichenko tell, please, about the students - and how in your opinion they perceived a Coaching course, which you have carried out? "

  Mr. KALINICHENKO: "I worried before a Coaching course which should carry out. I felt the heavy responsibility as for myself, as for FITA and Olympic solidarity, which I represented, and for Ukraine and Lviv's school of archery including. I worried because of absence of the information about an audience that me expected. I did not know how many at me will be of the students and what their level of preliminary qualification. Besides I for the first time acted for an audience in Islamic country, and this feature demands knowledge of some features and rules, which are not pardonable for infringement even to the foreigner.
  Now, after ending a Coaching course I am very grateful to my pupils. Their sympathy and respect have helped me successfully to lead this course. My audiences consist 35 students with a various level of qualification, various ages. Basically it is the archers, archery coaches and some coaches of shooting. Among my students there were also five women. This fact it is necessary to emphasize especially. In conformity with the sharia's laws to the girl and women have the right to touch only woman, therefore presence of the coaches - women is necessary for organization of high-grade development of archery in this country. The day's routine of our work was very much intense. Daily for eight hours of theoretical and practical employment with small breaks for dinner and regular short-term prays. In Iran, as well as in all Islamic countries a day of rest is Friday. Because of importance of realization of a Coaching course and desire to pass all rate of the planned program, was made exception and we continued to work even on Friday.

   It was pleasant to me to work with an audience. The questions were set professional and the interest was genuine. The special heat both feeling of complete trust and respect I have felt last days of a Coaching course. Iranians is followers of traditions of great historical empire - Persia. It is traditionally considered, that in this country it is not desirable to show in public the emotions. But on eyes, and on behavior I saw as the mistrust thew and there was sincere heat in our attitudes. It would be desirable to trust, that through I some years I can see results of the work in successes of my pupils. "
[Top] [Back]   Question: " Tell your personal impressions about the country, about the people and about Teheran? "
  Mr. KALINICHENKO: " Frankly, I am very tired both because of preparation for trip, and on the trip, but I am very pleased with it. After trip to Iran I with the greater sympathy and understanding refer to Islamic traditions and culture. I very much liked goodwill of the people of this country, the complete absence of alcohol and practically absence of the smoking people in this country was pleasant. Me has liked and high level of social security of the people in this country. Country is very young, for last fifteen years the population doubled. In Iran it is impossible to die of starvation, it will not admit. About Ukraine in Iran know very little, though the last year was signed the treaty of friendship and cooperation between our countries. But as their very much like football, after a mention Andrey Shevchenko many Iranians here are added by words Sergey Rebrov and Dynamo-Kiev. On this example I was convinced that the sports can make more than tens diplomats.
Apropos, the difference in time between Kiev and Teheran was 1,5 hours that was unexpectedness for me, as I naive believed, that in all world the difference in time on Greenwich should be to multiple one hour.
  Has not liked me in Teheran huge air pollution. In the large city with the population in 14 millions there is no public electro transport! Above city constantly hangs awful could. Per days in Teheran I saw on local TV channels promotion for struggle with the negative phenomena in city arising because of exhaust gases. But on my sight it not enough, the complete reconstruction of transport system of city is necessary. Having come back home, I now with a smile conceive a gas contamination and transport jams in Lviv and Kiev. You did not see true traffic jams! Such multitude of cars, as here, I could not imagine even in dreadful dream. The ignoring by traffic regulations is a subject of special conversation.
  But despite of these trivialities I had good impression about country and about the people occupying it. Leaving, I felt, that now I have many new good friends, in country about which earlier I knew very little. I hope it is mutual."
    Mr. Alexander Kalinichenko, thank you very much for interesting interview also I wish you to keep job by the expert for the further popularization of archery in the world and for a popularization of Ukraine and Lviv Archery Federation.

Viktor Mykhaylenko - merit-coach of Ukraine, conducted the interview.

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